We provide help at critical times in people’s lives
when time matters most.


We provide help at critical times in people’s lives when time matters most.

What is a End-Of-Life Doula? 

Care of senior woman at home sitting on the couch. An End-Of -Life Doula is a non-medical person who is trained in the various end of life stages. To assist the patient and their family, understanding the natural process, while providing comfort, and support. At all stages of life, we specialize in planning, physical, emotional, support, and legacy creations. We do our best to make your life’s journey be peaceful, beautiful, and a completion of “Your” circle of life.


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Did you know that your pets can benefit from using a doula?

Elderly people with dog

Why Ingrid should be  your Doula Pet Practioner?

Ingrid’s entire life has been dedicated from childhood to building a bond with animals, advocating, working professionally as veterinary technician over 20 yrs, and operating her small business catering to her clients as a pet care professional. Her passion varies from basic caregiving, pet health nutrition, exercise, and training. Ingrid’s holistic and spiritual approach incorporated with being an end-of life Doula Practitioner focuses on hands on consulting with her clients on making decisions at any stage of your pet’s life.

Ingrid’s knowledge of animal treatments and behaviors gives her the ability to recognize various conditions before her clients seek their veterinarian’s necessary and sometimes unnecessary visits with offering different options and resources. These abilities help pet families process and understand what their treasured pets are experiencing.

End-of life planning is a difficult stage, Ingrid will support her clients before, during and after. Her training as a Hospice volunteer and Doula provides a loving approach, offering empowerment with every decision in each unique situation.