What We Offer

Ingrid offers a complimentary 1-hour meeting. This allows time to get acquainted and lay out an outline of options, concerns, and goals in the planning for your later journey in life.

Every client has very different needs, so there is no one-size-fits-all plan. Ingrid will customize a plan specifically for you, that addresses all your needs, whether they be religious, financial, or health related. Ingrid has the resources to offer options such as Palliative Care, for alleviating various tasks usually taken on by family members so that they can spend more precious time with you creating joyful moments.

Often funeral arrangements are rushed, which leads to important tasks being missed and many times come with a heavier financial burden as unnecessary expenses occur. Hiring a doula to manage arrangements for minimal fees cuts down on overall spending.

It is never too late to contact Ingrid. Perhaps the family needs assistance after death sorting out necessary documents, household items. Ingrid has experience and will thoughtfully and carefully organize and divide households as well as secure and catalog financial documents. If the living area needs to be cleared out; Ingrid can help with that as well.