Doula Pet Practitioner / End of Life Doula for Pets

Doula Pet Practitioner

What is a Doula Pet Practitioner? Ingrid is a Doula Pet Practitioner ?

Ingrid is a Doula Pet Practitioner offering support, hands on care for animals and her clients. Ingrid’s many yrs as a veterinary technician gives her the ability to pick up on sometimes unnoticed and even unnecessary trips to the vet. With various conditions and post-surgical care.

End of Life Doula for Pets

What is a Pet Trust?

A Pet Trust is a legal document that provides a detailed plan for your pets, very much the same as a trust you would form with your own advanced directives. These documents are legally binding and would ensure your pets would be properly care if you were no longer able to care for them.

Who needs a Pet Trust?

Anyone that loves their pets and is concerned about what would happen to their pets, if something happened to them. Life sometimes takes unexpected turns at any age. Why not have Peace of Mind knowing your treasured furry family members can live out their lives being well care for. There are legalities that can prevent this from happening if not properly prepared.