Death does not have to be scary and negative. Ingrid and Natalie helped my brother, and myself realize, and it helped us feel so much more comfortable with the process, and our emotions. They were such an amazing support to us, were so flexible, accommodating, and sincere. I recommend them without reservation, and if I had to do it over again, would have called them much earlier in the process.

Lori Nitkin SIlkoff

Ingrid was so easy to work with, and gave useful tools, such as ” My 5 Wishes”, and ideas for me to communicate with my loved one regarding end of life issues.

M. Skinner

Ingrid recently began helping my Mom who is 82 and diagnosed with dementia. She has provided transportation, meal preparation, medication organization, pet care, and fun companionship.
When I initially spoke with Ingrid, I explained my situation – an only child that no longer lives in CT- and I hadn’t been successful in convincing my parents to move closer to me. I would avoid assisted living/skilled nursing for as long as possible. I am aware that nothing is going to cure my Mom’s disease and her symptoms are progressing…BUT also noticed that my Mom has good days and bad days; I wanted Ingrid to help my Mom have more good days than bad days.
I told Ingrid some of my vague non scientific observations about my Mom’s symptoms and amazingly Ingrid understood. She understood with total expertise and compassion; she even offered potential ways she could help.
Ingrid began taking my Mom for a therapy appointment and lunch once a week and my Mom seemed happier. Now she sees her twice a week for activities, which vary from home organization projects, to visits with Ingrid’s horse Baron.
My Mom’s symptoms of anxiety and paranoia are reduced to almost nil when she has biweekly visits with Ingrid. My Mom is also eating much better with Ingrid bringing delicious/nutritious food to her each week. I am beyond grateful for Ingrid’s service.

Megan Schultz

My introduction to Ingrid was the best thing to happen to me. Ingrid is a caring, wonderful person.
She comes and does her work, takes me walking, and makes sure I drink my water.
I look forward to her visits!

Dora Speranzini

Ingrid juggles running a business and family care-giving along with her role as a volunteer with our hospice program. In addition to visiting patients in their homes, she has represented our agency with an information table in the community on Health Care Decisions Day. Ingrid is flexible and willing to work in a variety of roles. Her background in working with older, coupled with her certification as an End of Life Doula gives her a deep understanding of the importance of hospice care.

JoAnn Begley, VNA Volunteer Coordinator

I am pleased to write in support of Ingrid Harrison as a committed, experienced, and trustworthy caregiver. Ingrid has provided weekly care for the past year for my 82-year-old mother who is in moderate stage of Alzheimer’s disease. I hired Ingrid to be a part-time companion and helper, arriving in the morning to supervise my mother getting up, dressed, and ready for her day. She cooked my mom a healthy breakfast, including her favorite — French toast! Additionally, Ingrid provided great care to my mom’s dog –walking her and keeping an eye on various health concerns.

It was great for my mother to have a caregiver who understands the important role that her dog continues to play in her life. Ingrid is both reliable and flexible, covering additional hours as needed, and she was willing to work various shifts, morning, afternoon, evening. Ingrid understands the particular needs of the elderly, and her additional knowledge as an end-of-life doula makes her a kind and conscientious caregiver. She encouraged my mother with activities to relax her, and she was good at commuinication with me when she had any concerns. My mom felt comfortable with Ingrid’s help, and this was very important to me since I live out of state. My mother has now moved to a memory facility near me, but I fully recommend Ingrid as a caregiver for both seniors and pets! 

Catherine P.

I have known Ingrid since she was very young, when my father moved into my home, she provided assistance. He required round the clock care on all level, food preparation, and companionship etc. Ingrid provided all of these services with the most caring attitude, as if it was her own father. Most important, she proved to be one of the most trustworthy and dependable care takers, that I employed. She did her utmost best to take care of my father, and made sure he was comfortable until the day passed away and I thank her for that. 

Heike Bain

Silhouette of little girl raising hand to freedom happy time

After recently going through my mother in law’s passing, seeing the family scramble around to figure out what she had, and where it all was, and wondering what she would have wanted, I called Ingrid. I had known of her services for awhile but kept putting off using them.
I am so glad I called. Ingrid was patient and knowledgeable. We had a few conversations and then I was presented with a beautifully designed package to hand to my daughter so that there will be no guessing or scrambling for her. Recommend highly!

Libby. W

Ingrid was kind, patient,understanding, and knowledgable. I will ask her to assist me further if possible, when the time comes closer to my death.
She is a pleasure to work with.  
Sara Mag